EXIT is a fraternity of like-minded men who take a short position in the present system and build for what comes next.

Short the system.

The academic, economic, and cultural institutions that our ancestors built have become hostile to competence and are in terminal decline.

It is no longer possible to reform these systems from inside — not until we have built substantial leverage on the outside. Voice is useless without the freedom to Exit.

To create that freedom, we form alternative institutions: new businesses, new schools, new communities, new markets, and new guards for our future security.

As the old regime hemorrhages talent, we bring that talent together, and build things that will thrive amid volatility and decay.

Work with your friends.

Bonds of friendship and personal loyalty are illegible to our enemies. They can’t be taxed, regulated, monetized, or quantified on a corporate balance sheet.

That’s why our enemies have continually subverted or abolished such bonds: fraternities, benevolent societies, tribes, religions — and, above all, the family.

By reducing all human life to a series of impersonal transactions, these procedural systems have gained unprecedented power to monitor and control human activity.

Strong friendships will define what comes next. Freedom can only be restored on terms of human judgment, trust, and personal loyalty. We work with our friends.

Build for grandchildren.

The stakes are existential. If we fail to give our children compelling alternatives to careerism, consumption, and sterility, everything we care about will die out.

We must build the means to get our children educated, employed, married, and supporting families of their own.

We must be bold and aspirational in our own lives, to establish a legacy that will inspire excellence in our children — a legacy that we expect them to improve upon.

We believe there is nothing inevitable about losing our children. We are determined to build across generations, and think in centuries. 


Active Members

How we do it:

Find the right people.

Talent and competence are wildly underpriced in the present system. The problem is not finding these guys, but helping them find each other.

We want men who are willing to take risks and make sacrifices to build something better. We want men who aspire to be great, at least in the eyes of their descendants.

Every applicant to EXIT has a one-on-one intake interview to ensure that they have what it takes to contribute and build with us.

Get to work together.

We have to rebuild a network of real, human relationships — but you can’t build community for the sake of community.

Men form friendships by working together on something that matters, and learning by experience who is competent, who can lead, who can be relied upon.

EXIT creates opportunities for members to see each other in action, through accountability calls, projects, and meetups.

Build our Exit.

To create the world we want for our families and escape the decline of the old regime, we will need resources and flexibility.

We need the ability to earn money independent of a corporate employer, and the freedom to move to friendlier jurisdictions.

Together, we learn the skills, build the relationships, and launch the businesses that will make us sovereign.

Daily Project Calls

In the daily project calls, members set goals and take accountability, learning from success and failure.

If you’re not sure exactly what to build, we run experiments from week to week until we find something you find compelling.

If you’ve already got a project, we keep you on track, connect you with the expert advice and resources you need, and help you identify partners.

EXIT isn’t just about business; we also have expert fitness coaching, a machine learning boot camp, a content creation group, and a homeschool group.

One-on-one Matchmaking

EXIT connects you with an on-side brain trust of founders, investors, accountants, attorneys, recruiters, manufacturers, contractors, software developers, designers, doctors, salesmen, engineers, self-defense instructors, firearms instructors, police, cybersecurity pros, tradesmen, marketers, farmers, crypto developers, filmmakers, professors, economists, political consultants, lobbyists, traders, scientists, artists, writers, etc.

Maybe you’re curious about overemployment, or gig work, or flipping houses. Maybe you want eyes on the ground in El Salvador.

Whatever you want to know about, now you know a guy.

In-person Meetups

The strength of connection we need can’t be built exclusively online. We need to have barbecues, poker nights, and homeschool co-ops — to look each other in the eye and figure each other out.

We’ve had meetups all over the country:

Austin Nashville
Boston New York
Branson Orlando
DC Salt Lake City
Detroit San Francisco
Houston Seattle
Las Vegas


Substack Subscriber Meetups

Paid subscribers to the EXIT Substack are invited to a happy-hour event hosted before each private member meetup.

If you’d like to dip your toes in and see what EXIT is like in your area, sign up below.